We Just Love Challenge Coins

A military man collects many things throughout the course of his career—from habits to keepsakes and awards, all these have served as reminders of the bravery and courage one has to embody throughout his service to the military. The art of challenge coin giving has always been a great deal for a military man—one might even say that coins mean everything to a man in uniform. These coins, however small they may be, have become trademarks for military pride and tradition.

military coinsThe practice of coin giving isn’t exactly a secret; in fact, it is almost always done in the presence of others. For those outside of the armed forces, these coins may indeed seem like some big military mystery exclusive to soldiers and commanders. The act itself may even seem like a simple gift giving between men of power; one hands a circular, decorative piece of metal to a fellow man in uniform and the rest is history.

Little does everyone else know that behind these seemingly memento-like ornaments lies a much deeper meaning. Challenge coins were made to symbolize the importance of camaraderie between organization members. The main goals of handing challenge coins out were to foster a sense of pride and to boost everyone’s morale. These coins made each receiver feel like they belonged to a group; the tradition still lives on to this day.

You might think of them as an exclusively military thing, but they actually aren’t. These coins have long been used in the corporate world and in police and fire departments around the world. Usually 105 to 2 inches in diameter and 0.10 inches thick, these coins have been giving bragging rights to people since the first World War.

Who said challenge coins have to be round? Modern day coins have broken the mainstream idea of round coins and have created coins in all shapes and sizes. The best part about today’s coins? They’re extremely customizable. From pentagon coins to dog tag and arrowhead shaped coins, you can get creative with your designs or have us design them for you.

We offer challenge coins in all sorts of materials, depending on your taste and your budget. If you’re all for the basic, pewter, copper and nickel are definitely the way to go.

Everyone wants to feel a bit of glamour and prestige every once in a while, and customizing your coin with something special is the perfect thing. We also offer coins in both gold and silver, and we even offer diamond cut edged coins specially handcrafted for your main event.

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You design, we make it possible. We love making your challenge coin dreams a reality; we make your design exactly the way you want it. From 3D designs to cut-outs, we strive to make what you want within reach at the least amount of time.

We get it, time is gold. We won’t waste your time and we definitely won’t make you wait that long. We care about you, and we love making sure that you’re satisfied and happy with our services. You don’t have to wait in vain to have your picture-perfect coin moment; with us, we’ll have it finished before you even know it.

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